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Dear Seva Cafe Volunteers,

Last week I returned home safely after going through some anxious moments in India regarding my health.  I feel much better now and I am on the road to recovery.  Thanks a million for the wonderful hand-made card signed so lovingly by all of you. I appreciate the time taken by you to do so.  All your thoughts and good wishes are very special to me. It will be well cherished. I am so fortunate and blessed to have such lovely and caring friends. I am glad to be part of the Seva family and so are Sri and Shwetha. Take care.

Tons of love
Uma Sridharan
Dallas, Texas

Save Cafe in Long Beach till March 3rd

The Seva Cafe in Long Beach will continue to operate at the Royal Cup Coffee Shop every Saturday through March 3rd, 2007. We have realized that the Seva Cafe, at its core, is a place of genuine giving. When we give, in an unconditional way, we actually give rise to something deep and pure within ourselves. The Seva Cafe is unique, because not only do we give to others, but we also create an opportunity for others to do the same. The volunteers, the guests, and even the musicians all find themselves generating goodness when they enter those four walls.

Over time, we have realized that the Seva Cafe is not about four walls. As one volunteer put it, the Seva Cafe is a “beautiful invisible” thing. If the Seva Cafe is indeed about genuine giving, then we can carry that with us everywhere we go, in our thoughts, our words and our actions. As such, the Seva Cafe, after March 3rd, will exist everywhere we are.

After a short period of this so-called “internal cultivation”, we will get together again to decide if and when an external Seva Cafe should be re-created. We are open to suggestions and ideas (and venues) if you wish to share. Please continue to visit our website for on-going updates.

We realize that the Seva Cafe has impacted many lives in many profound ways. The four walls that have helped create that atmosphere can never be overemphasized. For all of those that have been a part of this experiment thus far, we bow in gratitude for all that you have helped create.

In addition to the love that we experienced every Saturday, as a component of this experiment we were able to contribute $3279.04 to the Gujarat, India based non-profit organization: Manav Sadhna. Not only did Manav Sadhna start the original Seva Cafe in India, but they also provide food, education, and health care to over 6000 slum children every day. You can always learn more about them at

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