Below is a list of projects that are either currently underway or have been completed in the past. Visit our home page to see only those projects that we are currently organizing.

Walk for Hope: Annual Walk that is designed to build inspiration and raise funds for different humanitarian organizations around the world.  100% of proceeds raised are distributed to the beneficiaries.

Seva Cafe: Our wholesome meals are cooked with love, served with love and offered to guests as a genuine gift.

Food for Life: Volunteers meet every Sunday in Houston to prepare lunch sacks for underprivileged children.

Cuddle Kits: In conjunction with the Food for Life program in Houston, volunteers gathered supplies to donate to mothers.

Thanksgiving: Each year we organize a Thanksgiving lunch to our homeless neighbors in Long Beach.

Father’s Day: Similar to the Thanksgiving project, each year we also organize a Father’s Day lunch for our homeless neighbors in Long Beach.

Service Vacation: Annual visit to a third-world country where volunteers get to experience the local culture and participate in hands-on volunteer activities.  Volunteers cover their own expenses for the trip.

Casa De Paz – Mexico Orphanage: Be the Cause volunteer travel south of the border on a frequent basis to spend quality time with children of a local orphanage there.

Blazin’ Hope: For several year we organized a Party with a Purpose. Each party was designed to educate the attendees on a particular issue and raise funds for a particular cause. Entertainment always highlighted local artists.

Evenings of Awareness: Quarterly information sessions or workshops designed to build awareness of key issues facing our global community.

Change of Heart: Annual event where attendees spend the entire weekend in a cardboard tent city to better understand what it is like to be without a home, without family to turn to, and without the comforts of our daily lives.

Lights On:  Lights On is a program we ran from 2006 through 2008 where volunteers would serve outside the Santa Ana Jail from 11pm Saturday night til 4am Sunday morning.

Lunch at the Downtown Women’s Center : Once a month in 2007 we would cook and serve a meal to the Ladies at the Downtown Women’s Center.

Compassion Cells: Monthly community service projects that allow individuals to volunteer in their community.  Each month focuses on a different need in the community.

Sacred Site Visits: Quarterly visits to various places of worship. This project creates solidarity among the various faiths and allows individuals to understand their own lives at a greater depth.

Free Hugs: In the past we have organized events solely for the purpose of giving out free hugs to the world.

Tsunami Vigil: On the 2nd year anniversary of the Tsunami tragedy we invited everyone to light a candle in honor of those that lost their lives.