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Mr Hyphen Goes Seva

Last week I met up with “Mr. Hyphen”, Robin Sukhadia, in Downtown Los Angeles.  After an hour of inspiring conversation on how he left his corporate job to pursue his dreams he finally turns on his tape recorder and starts firing off questions about the Seva Cafe.  I’m not quite sure why he needed the tape recorder, considering that he himself has performed at the Seva Cafe in India, and considering that he views his entire life as a gift to others. 

He actually took the time to transcript our conversation and post it on his highly esteemed Mr Hyphen Blog:

By the way, if you missed it, Robin was awarded the Mr Hyphen Pageant title a few months ago after razzling the audience with his looks :) , his involvement with Project Ahimsa, and his life story.  Robin is currently pursuing a MFA in world music at Cal Arts and his Graduation Recital is on April 13th.  Check out for more info.

Seva Cafe Comment – Feb. 24

You guys brighten up the world!

By Vergace
Thank you for the food. You are good people.  Peace for life

Hi, it’s just me again.  Cake & coffee are Chinese new year surprise to me. ~Pat H.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.
God is love.
Life is the best of all.

May peace and blessings rain down upon you for all your help and support and especially for the unconditional love which you are showing to us and the charities who all need this deeply.  May we all find the strength to love.

May the universe bless those with pure heartz & saint like attitude you all  possess.
Blessinz:  The Filmstress

The love for what you do is seen through your service.  Thanks for what was served tonight and good luck in the future.

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