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Blind Cow Restaurant

From our experiences at the Seva Cafe we see our relationship with the food we eat become more intimate.  It turns out that this may be happening all over the world.  Shwetha heard about a restaurant the serves food completely in the dark.

This restaurant in Germany and Switzerland serves food completely in the dark.  It’s called Blind Cow, and most of the staff is blind.  You eat your food in the dark and everything is run on your other senses.  The actual website is in German, but I found an article describing the place:

 And this Pay-it-forward restaurant (although not a non-profit venture) in Seattle from a previous post:

First time as a Volunteer at Seva Cafe, Long Beach

I was lucky enough to go on the Service Trip with the gang that went to India in Dec 2005. So, I got to volunteer for a night at Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad. To be honest, it was probably my least favorite project on the trip (please read all the wonderful stuff people say about Seva Cafe and realize that all the other stuff we did was more worthwhile for me).  I do see it as a worthwhile experiment. We are lucky to be living in a time of the “internet revolution” (where people can easily network with each other using machines) and the “Open Source revolution” in business — where “software” (ideas) are laid out for anyone to use, experiment, and tinker with the assumption that any new changes will be checked back in for prosperity’s sake. So, I was pretty glad that there was a move going back to “Open food”. Check out the middle paragraph in this little write up I an year after getting to think about what Seva Cafe is about. It made me think a little about how the notion of Free and Open are subtly different.

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