Be the Cause
Some questions always comes in my mind like…who I am? What I am doing on this earth? What is wrong with this world? – in earlier stafge I was thinking very much on all this questions…but afterwards I realized that I will automatically get the answers of all these with comeing time…so I keep doing & performing my duties that is given to me by god & try to help people in best possible way I can!!!!!!!

Seva Cafe Comments – Pre Diwali Special – Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Ausam!! It’s really hard to describe felling in words. It is speechless. Love the environment! See you soon.

– Unknown
An amazing and thought CONCEPT Hats off to the organizers for carrying out such a noble act. We had a wonderful experience. Glad to be a part of such an event. Thanks.

– Sahshi, Nrinalini, Janhavi (NID)
My best day of life with most beautiful people here in India who gave us real smile on mine and my friends face. Thanks a lot to you all.

– Yagyesh, Shruti, Awnj
It is really a appreciative thing. In this world youths are after money but here they are giving valuable here. In my whole life I have never seen such thing.

– Jigar Patel
It’s an amazing experience sitting here (even!!) alone and enjoying the ambience, the light wonderful food and the wonderful staff. Thanks for an experience. I will talk about!

– Shiv Sharma
It’s a very unique concept to serve the needed people and there by to serve God. The place and the atmosphere is very peaceful and I am happy to be the part of such holydeed.

– Biuju
Brilliant Concept – Beautiful and a refreshing ambience! Looking forward to more visits.

– Krishna
What a policy I really felt that I was treated like God. Excellent keep it up.

– Unknown
Just one word that I have to describe!! – “Great”

– Unknown

Seva Cafe Guest Book – Navratri Special Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Hi to all and this is Navrati Special Seva Cafe Guest Book Comments and I hope everyone at Seva Cafe,Long Beach much be fine. Happy Navrati to all Volunteers of Seva Cafe,Long Beach and also to Staff & Volunteer of Be the Cause. Enjoy the life!!!!!!!!!!

For being here for the second time it has been a great experienced twice. ‘Seva Café’ is growing and making people to grow their inner soul. Volunteers here are being so kind ‘Really Hats Off’ to them.
– Jinesh Shah
New Day, New Life
New Work, New Rise
New Thinking, New Earing
Open up your creative eyes
You will be unique always!!
This poem is very much related to “Seva Café”.
– Dhaval Mehta
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