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Seva Cafe Comments – Pre Diwali Special – Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Ausam!! It’s really hard to describe felling in words. It is speechless. Love the environment! See you soon.

– Unknown
An amazing and thought CONCEPT Hats off to the organizers for carrying out such a noble act. We had a wonderful experience. Glad to be a part of such an event. Thanks.

– Sahshi, Nrinalini, Janhavi (NID)
My best day of life with most beautiful people here in India who gave us real smile on mine and my friends face. Thanks a lot to you all.

– Yagyesh, Shruti, Awnj
It is really a appreciative thing. In this world youths are after money but here they are giving valuable here. In my whole life I have never seen such thing.

– Jigar Patel
It’s an amazing experience sitting here (even!!) alone and enjoying the ambience, the light wonderful food and the wonderful staff. Thanks for an experience. I will talk about!

– Shiv Sharma
It’s a very unique concept to serve the needed people and there by to serve God. The place and the atmosphere is very peaceful and I am happy to be the part of such holydeed.

– Biuju
Brilliant Concept – Beautiful and a refreshing ambience! Looking forward to more visits.

– Krishna
What a policy I really felt that I was treated like God. Excellent keep it up.

– Unknown
Just one word that I have to describe!! – “Great”

– Unknown

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