Be the Cause
Some questions always comes in my mind like…who I am? What I am doing on this earth? What is wrong with this world? – in earlier stafge I was thinking very much on all this questions…but afterwards I realized that I will automatically get the answers of all these with comeing time…so I keep doing & performing my duties that is given to me by god & try to help people in best possible way I can!!!!!!!

Seva Cafe Guest Book – Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Evevrybody there in Seva Cafe,Long Beach, I am sure must be enjoying their serving towards life and to guests.I saw  photos of of you volunteer there.Keep it up.God pless you all.

 Some of more Seva Cafe guest book comments….

Concept is really very touchy.Never felt like resturant felt like ” SWEET HOME”.May God Bless you always.  – Unknown
Seva Cafe is a unique place.The atmosphere here is very pleasant.The food is served with love.One feels far from home to home.             – Lavita
I liked this experiment very much.We are pride to receive such love and also lovely food.Thanks.
                                                                                        – Jay Sejkal » Read more

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