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Seva Cafe Guest Book – Navratri Special Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Hi to all and this is Navrati Special Seva Cafe Guest Book Comments and I hope everyone at Seva Cafe,Long Beach much be fine. Happy Navrati to all Volunteers of Seva Cafe,Long Beach and also to Staff & Volunteer of Be the Cause. Enjoy the life!!!!!!!!!!

For being here for the second time it has been a great experienced twice. ‘Seva Café’ is growing and making people to grow their inner soul. Volunteers here are being so kind ‘Really Hats Off’ to them.
– Jinesh Shah
New Day, New Life
New Work, New Rise
New Thinking, New Earing
Open up your creative eyes
You will be unique always!!
This poem is very much related to “Seva Café”.
– Dhaval Mehta
I am architect from Delhi. And the lovely feeling I have got from wonderful people of the Seva Café is out of this world. This warmth, this love, this good feel is going to remain with me far a long long time. I am going to spread this lovely emotion, this amazing drive to all the people back home. I am extremely dilated that there are such wonderful people around who think so much about others HATS OFF TO YOU!!
I am also going to try and explore the possibility of opening and spreading a Seva Café in Delhi too. Will need all your support and good wishes.
Lots and lots of love in all your future endeavors.
– Parul Singh (19 September 2006)
We are extremely privileged to be here to enrich OUR RICH INDIAN TRADITION in such a holistic and harmonious way. Relationship that has to be carried forward in our next generations.
To share is to care…..
– Sonal Dave (19 September 2006)
The Seva at Seva Café is unexplainable words aren’t enough to praise it.
– Payal Shah (23 September 2006)
Thanks for making people know their responsibilities towards world and defining human being as a social animal.

– Viral Tripati and Friends (23 September 2006)
Thanks a lot. It was a great experience. My mind got relaxed which I wanted for so much time. Thanks a lot again. God Bless You. Best Wishes.
– Dr. Kirti (23 September 2006)
It was a beautiful feeling to serve people on my Birthday. This Birthday I would never forget and I wish to make all of us serve people and spread the message of LOVE, COMPASSION AND SERVE among people.
– Inderpreet (23 September 2006)

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