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Seva Cafe Guest Book – Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

Evevrybody there in Seva Cafe,Long Beach, I am sure must be enjoying their serving towards life and to guests.I saw  photos of of you volunteer there.Keep it up.God pless you all.

 Some of more Seva Cafe guest book comments….

Concept is really very touchy.Never felt like resturant felt like ” SWEET HOME”.May God Bless you always.  – Unknown
Seva Cafe is a unique place.The atmosphere here is very pleasant.The food is served with love.One feels far from home to home.             – Lavita
I liked this experiment very much.We are pride to receive such love and also lovely food.Thanks.
                                                                                        – Jay Sejkal
I had a really very nice and very unforgottable experience over here.Here,I noticed everything the palce is full of royalty.As we can found in many good hotels, but the extra thing I found is love.I wish that such kind of resturants takes place more and more.                                              – Manas Trivedi
It’s great ! Gives me motivation thanks to God.               – Vivek
When I came here I feel that it’s a better then heaven and here people serve by heart and co-operate.Here every volunteer believes that Seva Cafe is a house of God.Really the Seva Cafe is a very good place.                    – D.Kalwadia and P.H. Raidh
It was very beautiful time,which I spent here.It was very peaceful and beautiful experience.It was very homely.It gave me a influence of working and serving for someone who really needs my help.I loved the neatness and cleaniness also.Really inspired by the volunteers.           – Sajata
A novel concept with noble intentions.I hope this idea spreads out all across so that the faith in humanity is restored.All the best! May God Bless You!           – Vinesh Agarwal
Dear Seva Cafe, 
           Had a great time! It is a wounderful concept and experience was amazing.The food is good and the service was nice.I would like to volunteer for you.                           – Tejaswini Kulkarni,NID
 Dear Seva Cafe, 
           The environment is such an emotional that it makes it much more than cafe. – Gaurang V. Ved
It is hard to believe that such a place exists in today’s age.I throughly enjoyed every moment spent here.May god bless each one of you and this place.     – Raj Shah and Nandini Shah
‘Seva’ is an awe-inspiring thing which makes mankind realize that humanity still exists and still has the same effect as it had befoe.This institution is like the Sun of humanity which rises from behind the mountains of goodness. – Hetika        

   Dear Friends, 
                I like your ‘Seva’ concept very much.Actually in this world,very few people who can think for someone,but we are so happy by knowing that,there are some god’s gift even today on this earth.                – Sanket Shah
Seva – this word itself arises a lot of things in my mind.Everytime I come here,it arises a horizon of good thoughts and feelings in my soul and my heart.And only these words come out of my mouth “The best thing in the world”. A hypothesis and a combination of novelty, charity, helping nature and lots and lots of good thoughts.      – Unknown                                        
Dear Seva Cafe, 
          ‘Service of Mankind is service to God’.It is great to see this actually taking place in Ahmedabad.It is great to see Indians from abroad coming out here and helping to make India a better place.I was impressed to heared the concept and would love to contribute with whatever little I can do and will also some to volunteer on the day I can.It is great chance for me to serve the common people.Thank you for starting such an organisation and I hope that like me other people also love to contribute in some way or the other.                   – Malika Shah                   

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