Be the Cause

Painting the IRC Office

Some 15 volunteers gathered in the spirit of service this Saturday, not sure of their task but ready to be put to work in any way necessary. When arriving at the IRC (International Rescue Committee) in Los Angeles, we were greeted by an employee who gave a brief talk about the general purpose of the organization and what role Be The Cause has and will play in that establishment. Our objective was to paint two rooms in the building in order to make the building more aesthetically pleasing, professional and welcoming to the refugees as they arrive.

As the volunteers were put to work, there was of course an expected fun and positive energy in the room. Getting lost in the work, the time seemed to fly by with a feeling of productivity. Breaking for pizza while paint dried for a second coat, volunteers discussed their thoughts of volunteer work and giving back to the community. When gathering at the end of the day, all involved seemed to agree that this opportunity was gratifying, and that everyone was looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the IRC.

Orange County Food Bank

This month’s compassion cell was as eye opening as it was fulfilling. We gathered at the Food Bank, prepared to help with whatever was asked of us. Our energy was put to good use as we helped to label boxes for storage. We created a sort of assembly line effort, and we concluded the afternoon feeling rather productive. And, as usual, we worked contently with a buzz of chatter.However, we then gathered into a room to watch a video about the Food Bank and what they do. Most were genuinely surprised at the hunger in the rather affluent Orange County area. Our excitement of volunteering our time and being together was directed appropriately to the reality of why we were there. We showed up ready to work, and left with a general sense of urgency and understanding of a problem in need of a solution. We concluded the day in a circle to focus on what we had taken from the day. We all seem to have left with a renewed sense of awareness and ready for next month’s Compassion Cell.

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