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Movement – Walk for Hope 2006

Movement.  It is the process in which we transition from one place to another.  It symbolizes change.

Every single person on this planet is engaged in some form of movement.  Some people move their lives in a direction towards fear, greed, or suffering.  That movement then becomes visible in the form of wars, corporate scandals, and outright unhappiness.

Our lives are temporary here.  We are like wind, arising only to pass away.  The only question that matters is which direction are our lives moving in? Are we moving towards love?

Love is not something that is taught to us.  We don’t learn it in our schools, at our jobs, at the shopping malls, or in our TV shows.  Love, which is indisputably the most important thing in life, is the one thing that we forget to cultivate in our daily routines.

We hope that the Walk for Hope serves as a reminder of the things that matter most in life; as a metaphor for the movement that we are all engaged in.

We cannot say that we know what Love is; we too have come here to learn.  We hope that we have not come here to get anything from you, but rather to offer you a piece of our own hearts… thereby teaching ourselves how to love.

By laying one foot on the ground the other follows.  Only by beginning can we move forward.

– Sukh

Walk for Hope Activities

In addition to the activities during the opening and closing ceremonies, the activities along the actual Walk route include:

– Seeds of Change.  Organized by Ser La Causa, participants will make seed balls at this activity stations.  Ultimately the seeds balls we make at the Walk will be used for reforestation purposes in Tejuana, Mexico.

– Acts of Kindness.  Stories of Acts of Kindness from around the world.

– Note to Self.  Write a letter to the most important person you know: yourself.

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