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National Kite Flying Day

My niece and I

My Neice, the neighbors on their terrace trying to fly kites, and the beautiful sunset in Navsari, Gujurat

Jan. 15th is National Kite Flying Day. Banks and schools are closed. Kids wake up early in the morning and fly kites on the terrace of the house. It is a day full of fun. The goal is to “cut” another’s kite, when so you yell “lapaaateee” on the top of your lungs to let others know you have done so. Sometimes the kids just have fun trying to collect the kites that fall, especially if they are pretty ones!!!

I even learned to fly a kite for the first time in my life. It was loads of fun. Of course, their were not many girls trying, but we didn’t care… she wanted to learn and I was willing to help her…. it was the blind leading the blind.. haha. We would take turns climbing on top of the roof to give the kite a “jump” so we could fly it. Ummm.. our flying time was about 7 secs max. But its okie… at least no one cut our kite :).

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding
This is a pic of an indian wedding in our village. The whole tent of cloth is specially custom made for each wedding. The wedding is tradionally done in front of the girls house, which can be seen on the left. This is a sign of “giving” the girl to the groom. It is common to have the people sit on the floor for the pre wedding ceremonies and then on chairs for the wedding. This is a pic of the main pre wedding ceremony the morning of the wedding day. The wedding will be held in the evening.

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