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National Kite Flying Day

My niece and I

My Neice, the neighbors on their terrace trying to fly kites, and the beautiful sunset in Navsari, Gujurat

Jan. 15th is National Kite Flying Day. Banks and schools are closed. Kids wake up early in the morning and fly kites on the terrace of the house. It is a day full of fun. The goal is to “cut” another’s kite, when so you yell “lapaaateee” on the top of your lungs to let others know you have done so. Sometimes the kids just have fun trying to collect the kites that fall, especially if they are pretty ones!!!

I even learned to fly a kite for the first time in my life. It was loads of fun. Of course, their were not many girls trying, but we didn’t care… she wanted to learn and I was willing to help her…. it was the blind leading the blind.. haha. We would take turns climbing on top of the roof to give the kite a “jump” so we could fly it. Ummm.. our flying time was about 7 secs max. But its okie… at least no one cut our kite :).


  • gianna

    Yay Karuna! Such beautiful pics with your niece and family…congrats on the kite flying-looks wonderful.

  • Ann Nguyen

    Hi Karuna,
    I am so glad you are in India and have just had a chance to read your entries. I think it’s wise for you to wait to go to the South. We know the needs are great and I am sure in the right time you will know what you are meant to do there.
    We just had a Tsunami Interfaith Prayer Service and Information night. We had reps from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand speak. It was a good event, not too well attended, but very significant for those who attended.
    Let me know if there is anything you need from us here besides our prayers and good thoughts for your well being and the rebuilding of the South.
    Love and Peace,

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