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Day of Mindfulness with BTC

It was a half day of mindfulness for me on July 26th, but beautiful and inspiring nonetheless…

In the morning, I meditated outside before heading out to Garden Grove for this special event. The meditation was powerful, but I don’t know if it grounded me fully. I still had trouble leaving my place in time and even got lost on way to event. I reminded myself that this was just the journey that we go through at times…to finally settle and calm the mind down. The phrase comes to me: “mind over matter.” Even though meditation is really a practice to release yourself from the ego mind…it also helps one focus his or her mind…so all the extra junk that’s in our mind…kinda flushes out…and we work from a more simplistic state instead of acting from the chaos that our mind usually creates…all the opinions, worries, fears that the ego mind creates…can go out the window. When I meditate, I’m so surprised by the peaceful state that my mind falls into…

When I got to the event, people were sitting very quietly and watching this movie called Baraka. I only saw a smidgen (small portion) of the movie, but the cinematography was gorgeous! I have to get the movie now via netflix..I just gotta!

The movie brought me into a peaceful state because there was a lot of nature imagery and the narrator’s voice of film was soothing and it was calming. I was happy I saw the film…even though when I sat myself down to view film, it was almost toward the ending credits.

I missed lunch but I heard it was wonderful and I got a taste of the food later in the day…yummy vegetarian food. During lunch, participants ate in silence and there was some discussion after two 15 minute meditation sessions (that I was honored to be a part of) about how when the group ate in silence…there was a savoring and appreciation of the food and the present moment!

At the end of the day, there was going to be a beach walk as one of the activities. The day went really fast! There wasn’t enough time to schedule in the walk…or so we thought!

A few of us stuck around…and lo and behold: Melisa, Christine, Sonali, Sukh and I got to run, skip, laugh on Main Beach in Laguna Beach. There was something very magical that night about us all enjoying the waves and sand that eve. I think mostly because we meditated pre-walk and partook in a wondrous day of mindfulness!

Thank you to the universe and my pals for this awesome day and eve! Namaste! :)

Human Greatness

Hello Everybody,

I just want to thank all of you who participated in the Celebrating Human Greatness session on last Saturday . It was truly a inspirational evening full of with positive energy. I can still feel the waves of positive energy in me , every time I think about the session.

I got quite few requests to conduct these sessions for some of your family and friends . I will be more than happy to facilitate Human greatness session for your gathering. Is one of the simplest ways to recognize the greatness in each one of us .

Please check out the pictures of the session here :

Thanks again..
Regards and in Service..


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