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Human Greatness

Hello Everybody,

I just want to thank all of you who participated in the Celebrating Human Greatness session on last Saturday . It was truly a inspirational evening full of with positive energy. I can still feel the waves of positive energy in me , every time I think about the session.

I got quite few requests to conduct these sessions for some of your family and friends . I will be more than happy to facilitate Human greatness session for your gathering. Is one of the simplest ways to recognize the greatness in each one of us .

Please check out the pictures of the session here :

Thanks again..
Regards and in Service..



  • annonymous

    Thank you so much Vivek. Was such a beautiful experience, a chance to share and learn. A chance to be sensitive to others, to be in empathy; it’s so wonderful the greatness that all beings are capable of… Thank you so very much.

  • gianna

    V! This was such a special day…the pics are sooo beautiful==light streaming into the room. Thank u for all u did to put this together. Thanks for the food after and refreshments. And the overall lovingness of the event! It would be great for us to all gather like this more often and share! I also know of another way to share history,etc. Check out this website: Hey! I’ll never forget that special day with everyone! :)

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