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Seva Cafe – Nov. 11, 2006

(Below are comments from guests of the Seva Cafe)

I wanted to express the overwhelming feeling of love & joy I felt here. I think this is such a good idea to help restore love and kindness in a socirty that has become more & more violent, hateful, and curel. I knew that “good” people still existed, but I didn’t know where to find them. Now I do Thanks for the enriching experience.
Love, baby Anna Belle & Mommie Krish.

Very nice place! Food is great! I like the idea of this cafe, We had a great time!!

Seva Cafe – Oct. 21, 2006

(Below are comments from guests of the Seva Cafe)

Thanx! We need more place like this in the world :)
-Monika, Torsleu, Sylvie, Buzz

Hello Seva Cafe. What can I say it’s a nice place to come to. It unities humans not divides races.

Life is a ttrip, how its constantly changing and we all change with it… this is a true form of happiness being in this environment. PEACE & LOVE.

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