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Seva Cafe – Oct. 21, 2006

(Below are comments from guests of the Seva Cafe)

Thanx! We need more place like this in the world :)
-Monika, Torsleu, Sylvie, Buzz

Hello Seva Cafe. What can I say it’s a nice place to come to. It unities humans not divides races.

Life is a ttrip, how its constantly changing and we all change with it… this is a true form of happiness being in this environment. PEACE & LOVE.

Thanks for the wonderfull time and the food. You made this time being here rememberable. Thank you,

I think this place is the greatest place on I’ve ever been. Thanks 4 showin us the love! Rock on peace.

Seva, you guys are really great. I love being here. It feels like home and people are very nice. Also foods great. Love Always.

The food was good, the people are good. Thanks for being cool & loving & showing other people how to share that love.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for you’re great comfort.

Awesome project & great use of business to change society! A model for the effective use of $’s power. Sincerely,

What a wonderful concept! Making the world a better place. :)

Good idea & good luck, the world needs more people like you

Julio! This place is a real

Just walked in for a shake, got much more. Great time.

The food is good. But the spirit is outstanding!
-Sincerly, Dodie + Sal

Wassup? Well this is Laura, Aunty (removed) niece and I juss wanna say your food is the bomb. Well catch y’all later.

This place is cool. I wish the rest of the world was like this.

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