Be the Cause

Guest Comments Week 4

Seva Café,
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful and inspiring experience.
Cause the change.
– Neerav

Thank you for reminding me of what is really important

Thank you all for making my birthday one to remember & tell other. I really had a great time here & learn something new. It is good to know that hope & love still have a chance in the world with good people here at the Seva Café.
God bless you all,
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Thanks from Gupreet

Below is a letter from Gupreet to Raju, after Raju forwarded him Biba’s email that is posted on the blog. Gupreet’s birthday was the one Biba referred to in her email.

Wuts up man,

Hey thanks for sharing that. I was glad i got the opportunity to share the experience, and be part of something that is giving back to the community. You guys are doing a great job at seva cafe. I just want to give my condolence to Biba. I also want to thank everyone at seva cafe for making my birthday a special one. I am always gonna remember it.


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