Be the Cause

Guest Comments Week 4

Seva Café,
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful and inspiring experience.
Cause the change.
– Neerav

Thank you for reminding me of what is really important

Thank you all for making my birthday one to remember & tell other. I really had a great time here & learn something new. It is good to know that hope & love still have a chance in the world with good people here at the Seva Café.
God bless you all,
Laura’s friend

Great artwork……Cool colors….Perfect Music….Best people in the world in one spot for a common thing called love….Great experience….Want more…..Want to serve….Thanks for having me!
Love always,
Marie Pulu

I love the fact that this place is so humble, loving, giving, and caring. It’s amazing. This is what our people and community needs. I love this whole experience.
– Velina

Nothing like service in action. It’s always a wonderful blessing to be able and grateful to be used as a vessel of service in any capacity. This experience has expanded my heart even more. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to enjoy good food, friends, and the experience of the Seva Café LA! Best of luck with everything!
Always Smile,
Trushna Majmindar, “Barista”

Brian’s family……
Thanks for the wonderful evening. The food and service was great. We will return.

Love Always,
– Juanita (Granny)

Everything was great
– Brian Porter

Love you all
– From Chappell

Thank you so much
– Brian’s Sister, Brit’ne

Comment Cards Week 4
(Comment cards get left behind at the dining tables… sometimes the comments are for future guests, sometimes the comments are for volunteers)

Thank you for the delicious food that was cooked & served with love. Your cause is very noble and we are grateful for your giving spirit and generosity.

The food was great. The music was great, but they didn’t have me up there. You should have karaoke night. This place is cozy, homy and fun. There is a lot of love and compassion, that’s just wonderful. What you do is great and I want to be a part of it. I wish we had this in the LBC. Be the Cause. – Daymon Turner AKA Ray Charles

Thank you very much. Everything was great. We will come again. – Brian’s Family 8/5/06

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