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(On August 21, the Long Beach Gazette published an article about the Seva Cafe. The article was written by Kurt Helin, an editor for the Long Beach Gazette, who was a guest at the Seva Cafe. The article is provided below or you can log on to )

It’s About Giving, One Meal At A Time

By Kurt Helin

Give your hands to serve and your heart to love.” —Mother Theresa

Seva Café is more of a leap of faith than a restaurant.

It’s as much about the servers as the served, about giving not paying. Making money is not the goal, acts of kindness are — you don’t even pay for your own meal.

A person who dined there earlier has already made a donation to pay for your meal, as a gift. You have the chance to continue that circle of giving for a person you have never met who will come in later.

Could such an open-minded, non-Western concept take root in Long Beach? » Read more

Ageless Seva

It was a pleasant experience at Seva Cafe watching the young volunteers serve the guests with smiling faces, with an enthusiastic attitude, and committed to giving. If every person can give something without any expectations, in an era where the concept of giving is forgotten or difficult to understand, the world will definitely be a better place. For us it was a fun Saturday volunteering at Seva Cafe, working with enthusiastic young adults. Personally, I felt like I attended a family party.
It was amazing to see the number of volunteers grow towards the end of the day inspite of several cancellations. We wish Seva Cafe a great success.
Sujana and Krishna (Sudi’s parents & volunteers at the Seva Cafe)
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