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Guest Comments – Weeks 8-10

(Below are comments left by Guests in Weeks 8-10)

Great experience today! You guys are the best. Keep up the good work

– Karmel George

Very cool and fun night. Good times…Great energy

– Freeha

How beautiful this place is. God Bless you and everyday of your life.

God has blessed us with you all. » Read more

Guest Comments – Week 7

(Below are comments from Guests at the Seva Cafe from Weeks 7)
It takes great courage to love and greater courage to express it with a total stranger. I came here tired after a long, tiring week and going back rejuvenated with your love! Thank you for sharing your love with me! May God be with you all…always!
This place is absolutely amazing. I feel the LOVE!
– Munezza
The veggie sandwich was the BEST I have EVER had! Thank you so much (all the love made it even better).
– Madhavi
What a great idea!
An extraordinary experience that reminds us we’re all a part of one body of being!
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