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Healing Sounds on Father’s Day at the Houston Hospice

Sue, one of our volunteers, in her gorgeous voice, led our group in singing….

    How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful, how could anyone ever tell you, 
    you were less than whole, how could anyone fail to notice, that your loving is a miracle,
    how deeply you’re connected to my soul.

When finished, the patient couldn’t believe that a group of random individuals could sing in such harmony; she thought that we were a church choir. Our hearts were in harmony with the intention of making the patients’ day special, and I guess that’s what really reflected in our singing.  
This along with many other beautiful songs made Father’s day special for all of us in a way I find difficult to describe in words. To give a little taste of what it was like, I’m sharing the words of a few songs we sang.   » Read more

Food for Life: A Volunteer’s Perspective

I have fun getting together with others. I learn about people and other cultures. By other cultures I don’t mean out of the ordinary for the United States, I want to know generational cultures, regional cultures, etc. Many conversations take place while we volunteer. One I over heard was the differences in the calendar used in the United States and India. In that same conversation I heard the gap that existed between children of Indian decent and those that have more recently come to the United States. As a 50 something, I have listen to middle school age children and young men and women of college age that make me realize the gulf in reality that exists between my generation and theirs. I hope to use that collective information to help bridge understanding and trust when I do other volunteer work and eventually teach in the public schools.

Al McQueen

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