Be the Cause

14 year old Chaz

Jay and I are extremely lucky; as the receiving end of our email inboxes are always filled with inspiring messages from all over  the world, like this one from 14 year old Chaz.  Thank you for sharing this with us, Chaz!  Keep on doing what you’re doing

Hi, my name is Chaz…I’m 14 years old and I wrote and recorded a song called (R)evolve. I really believe that this song and its video could help change the world, and I feel it is a common goal between us. I would really love it if you checked it out, because your cause fits with the message of what we are trying to get out there. So, here’s a link to my YouTube video…

I hope you like it. :)  Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and or share with others if you like it.
Thanks a bunch–Chaz