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Sonali Fiske, one of the reasons why Be the Cause exists, is on a mission.  She just landed in Sri Lanka a couple of days ago and is headed directly into the Displacement Camps.  While she’s there she plans on hearing the stories of those affected the ongoing civil conflict (to give a voice to the voiceless), and to provide support where she can.  She is adding updates to her Blog throughout her journey and we’ll capture some of there here as well.

The Good Doctor – Posted July 23, 2009

Man, getting anyone to go on the record is challenging. Yet, the few conversations I’ve been sharing with folks on the ground have been enlightening so far. People are pretty forthright about how it is in those camps – yet fearful of a backlash, they speak to you under their breath.

The “good doctor” & I spoke of a lot of things. He wasn’t willing to go on video, but he didn’t mind me scribbling away on my notepad. He’s a compassionate guy & cares deeply about the numerous needs among the IDP’s. He was quite real with me about the challenge that was in store for me…getting & staying in those camps.

Of the 29 IDP sites in Vavuniya, he has served 9 of them. Within Menik Farm, has has served over 30,000 families, mainly in Zones 1, 2, 3 & 4. Besides the numerous NFRI’s (Non-Food Related Items) he has been responsible for contributing so far (i.e.: mosquito nets, hygiene kits, Infant Kits, kitchen utensils, etc), the doctor has treated various illnesses & diseases that are typical among IDP’s – conditions which often go unreported.

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