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Day Of Mindfulness @ Sukh Chugh’s special garage numero dos :)

Things were hectic the day before and the day before that..I have been getting things together to move.

I knew I needed to be somewhere else though….and meet the nuns of Plum Village (DeerPark Monastery==started by the humble, honorable Thich Nhat Hanh).

I’d been on a few peace walks with this group: I went to two peace walks where Thich Nhat Hanh led the group…and one with a yoga studio…it still had the same message===to walk in peace…slowly. To take in all around you and to BREATHE! In this society and time in history and herstory, it can be a struggle to breathe…really breathe deeply…given all the busyness and such around us.

There’s so much I could write about this experience..maybe some of the other participants can share more…

Things that really were special:

-Walking slowly and observing everything in Sukh’s beooootiful neighborhood and hugging trees with the nuns of the monastery.

-the deep deep restful meditation at the end and the nuns singing to us. It felt like we were outside…sleeping on a forest floor.

-the nature involved and the peacefulness, innocence, good intentions of the nuns.

-the way they came allll the way up from Escondido to visit Be the Cause volunteer org and support us.

-the special items they gave to Sukh. I need to look up the book title…what was it again?

-the eating in silence and the wise ponderings.

Thank you thank you Sukh, Sonali, Christine for putting this event on. When’s the next one? :)

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