Be the Cause

Thank you! Compassion and Expression Art for Peace

Thank you so much to everyone that was able to attend, volunteer and support Be the Cause’s Compassion and Expression: Art for Peace event.

The entire day was beautiful, starting with decorating the Chuco’s Justice Center. With quotes on the walls and words such as “love” dangling from the ceiling, we were able to transform the empty warehouse into a lovely space of inspiration.
This event was spurred by a passion to serve and connect with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It came together because of passionate people like you that were dedicated to making a difference. Speakers, artists, volunteers and supporters from various spaces came together to connect, express and love with unity.
Our event showcased international relief organizations International Red Cross, KinderUSA, Islamic Relief, Catholic Relief Services and Manav Sadhna’s One Global Family Project. Over a thousand dollars was received from donations and t-shirt sales; these will be awarded to the charities. Participants used art to express and were connected to families in Gaza. Many cards were created to send overseas, buttons made to speak out on issues, and poetry written collectively to share emotions. Letters were also created for politicians, and a collective painting was created and donated to the Chuco’s Justice Center.
As people created art, they were inspired by the performances of the passionately talented DJ nPrevail, Vivien Sansour, Manisha Shahane, Nissim Malul, Mark Gonzales, Skim, Omar Offendum, and Elephants with Guns.
The event had amazing volunteers who came to setup decorate, welcome and facilitate the art activities. These were all the volunteers. The names in bold are of the lead volunteers.  Renita, Brittany, Krupa, Nicole, Kat, Monica, Sarah, Ray, Suzan, Shelly, Tim, Raj, Sunny, Raju, Leticia, Jayson, Supun, Byron, Karthik, Mita, Joyce, Derek, Active Advantage students, Amy, Ann, Veronica, Mayra, Austin, Tiffany, Sana, Suzan, Akhila, Christine, Vivek, Elizabeth, Dilshan, Shveta, Jumakae, Gianna, Sonali, Mike, Maria, Kiku, and Oiyan.
For more info on the event take a look at the blog entries from Be the Cause and Minority Dreams.  For pictures visit Fred’s Album or Fizzah’s Album.  Click here to view the pictures of the cards that will be sent overseas
From Taz, Adnan, Sukh, Carolina, Laura, and myself we thank you for all your support and efforts.  We couldn’t have done it without your love to make a difference in Gaza.