Be the Cause


Behold the dying

The debris grazing their faces

Blurred by massive waves, surging

Death draws close

Being released into the air and closer again

They are falling – dripping into water

Like cold stale fish

Behold the dying

Drenched hopes

Their people are drowning

Their neighbors are watching

We are not gasping for air

Yet we watch, breathless

Behold the dying

We extend an arm from afar

But there is much air between our hands

All we are ascends like a flood for you

But you cannot seize our reach

Behold the dying

River arising

Distress arising

Death toll arising

Tears descending

Behold the dying

Our brothers are terrified

Our sisters – Cholera, diarrhea, crisis

Our babies are a thirsting for water – clean water

Nakedness on your village streets

Behold the dying

Respect for the dying

Love for the dying

1,600; 20 million; innumerable

Nakedness, barren skin, being held under

Watery burials

Yet the spirits will boil up


  • Todd

    These words bring to my mind an early and intense craving I have to learn of the Hazara people of Afghanistan. Why they have been considered the Muslim outcasts, and for so long been a tortured people? My heart goes out to them; I sit here at my desk, and wonder what I can do, if I could do anything but feel compassion for a culture I’ve never encountered, outside of too much bias literature. I read how they are getting stronger after years past of Taliban torment, my heart swells, they are graduating colleges, becoming our Doctors, our Professors, teachers of the World. I feel inadequate to have such strong empathy for them, and even fictional characters I am drawn to in novels. I have hardly felt a sting of their ache, yet I would give… nearly anything to be able to be apart of their salvation. The world will never be enough…

  • The words really touch heats but the present condition is decreasing day by day. But i love the society of Pakistan as a whole. There are some difficulties in some specific area but there is a another seen where the word would not touch the end at all.

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