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Hi everyone,

I am in Navsari Gujurat. Things have been pretty crazy, as it is wedding season right now. My family has been running around attending weddings, sometimes 2 in one day. I am here trying to sort out my next destination. My Uncle is very hesitant for me to go to south india. He is apprehensive due to the spread of diseases he hears about on the news. I have just read up on mark and yoo mi’s status, and will be in contact with them soon. Locally in gujurat, I have met many people who have shipped large boxes of clothes to south india. It is giving my heart content.

I am taking things a bit slower then usual this time in my trip. I feel that there is an overwhelming number of volunteers rushing to help south india. Although this is great, my opinions are in line with Marks in that sometimes management of volunteers can hinder an organizations efforts to provide relief. I am a great believer that an organization should spend the least amount of energy and money to manage a volunteer. If I am going to help, then I should not take that which can be given to others. So, I am assessing. Perhaps I am meant to go to Calcutta first, then to south india when the influx has lessened and there is a greater need for me. We will soon see.

love karuna :)

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  • Tarlok Singh

    Breaking Taboo, Mandela Says Son Died of AIDS
    > (Reuters) – South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, one of
    > Africa’s most
    > committed campaigners in the battle against AIDS,
    > announced that his
    > only surviving son had succumbed to the disease on
    > Thursday. Makgatho
    > Mandela, 54, died in a Johannesburg clinic where he
    > had been
    > receiving treatment for more than a month. His wife
    > Zondi died in
    > 2003 from pneumonia. “I announce that my son has
    > died of AIDS,” the
    > 86-year-old Nobel Peace laureate told a news
    > conference, urging a
    > redoubled fight against the disease.

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