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Seva Cafe,
Thank you for a nourishing and delicious meal. It’s a beautiful experiment you have going on here. I will be back to volunteer and participate.

It touches me that there are kind hearted people who want to simply enjoy the act of caring for others…
I appreciate, am humbled, enjoy the emotion, the
dedication, the time, the thought, the sacrifice,
and the act of deciding to be a part of something
that is outside of caring for your own needs.
I thank you, I applaud you, I appreciate you, I hope
you are given back beyond your giving, not for the
reason of getting what you put into it, because that
would be for a selfish purpose, but for the reason of
feeling full in your accomplishments in your own
choices and fulfillment in who you are.

The waitress, Thu Trang, was very welcoming. We stumbled on this by fate. This is amazing. What a difference you make in the community!

Hey! Thanks for your love & generosity! You are the people who make Long Beach beautiful! Much appreciation & respect.
With thanks, Jared James Garcia

I’m grateful for these times, for the lessons I’ve learned, for the love I’ve experienced, & for a healthy beating heart that allows me to love. I’m grateful for hope & hopeful for another day to be grateful.

Be open….
Open your eyes, your soul, your heart to the world
it will accept you.

Ambition is greater than pessimism. Stop creating grief &
start a Seva

I am visiting from Sacramento but I used to live here and volunteered at the very first Seva (Royal Cup). Thanks for being. Long Beach is lucky to have this effort.

Let go of the river’s edge and allow love to be your guide.
In other words…go with the flow. What we resist persists

This is one of the most coolest, unique experiments my family & I have ever been in! I loved everything about it! We all did! This is a wonderful experience, just like what Jesus said, “There is more joy in giving than in receiving.” I want to apologize on behalf of my family; we were not aware the donations were cash only, and I know the amount is not sufficient. Thank you so much for the wonderful atmosphere and service.” -The Coronado Family

I am going to give as much as I can next time I come, you all have been so amazing (as always)… I will continue to tell good people about you because it is always good to know about amazing organizations such as yours.
Be the change…it’s all about the choices we make.

Don’t wait for circumstances to change to let yourself be happy.

Food came out fast :)
Salad is super delicioso!
BTC is nice and cheesy!
Lasagna is better than Olive Garden!
Our sever, Amy, was the BEST!!
Great idea, everyone was super nice!

You are all beautiful people with beautiful hearts. Keep doing what you do…it is greatly appreciated.

I had a wonderful experience at Seva Cafe, It’s nice to know that there are some good loving people left in the world. I hope and prey that this idea catches hold and spreads throughout the country, and maybe more people will begin to realize that things aren’t so bad if you take time to love, care for and share with your fellow man.

O! That night whose breath I hear!
To feel
that altogether
still – peace – chaos –
Crackling and flowing, the fire of change,
O! To know that love is love;
of love and night!

This is beautiful.

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