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Touching my heart….

So far the tally on the fund is close to $4,000 …. I can not begin to grasp the love that is pouring from people’s heart. It reminds me of the first time I went to India to volunteer, two years ago. I went to follow my dream.. give back to my country. I remember a couple I met, from the “elite” society. the entire conversation centered around ” why do you leave america to come here and what do you think you can do?” And all I said to the gentleman was… one must start somewhere. Simple. one email… $4000 and that is just the beginning. To put it in perspective, $4000 in indian rupees can buy an economical car in India… i can only begin to imagine all the families it will help. The love continues to pour in… this love gives me strength to go there and spread the love. There is no room for fear.. only love.

Thank you everyone…



  • Cheryl Egbert

    Karuna you are so awesome! Thank you so much for all you are doing, so beautiful, so precious. Have been trying to find volunteer opportunities here to help, however, the little things, like sorting goods for transport are already taken – too many volunteers! Heartwarming, but frustrating too…so thank you again so much for giving us the opportunity to donate and so through you help if just a little bit. Take really good care of yourself now. God be with you.
    With lots of love,

  • gianna

    I saw that too…too many volunteers-at least with American Red Cross. Karuna, I second the kudos Cheryl wrote to u…very touched by all you’re doing—bringing light and relief to Tsunami victims and bringing money much needed-Thanx-wish I could be there too with you and others there. Wishing u another incredible adventure in service.

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