Be the Cause

Words Inscribed @ the Seva Cafe

    Heartfelt words expressed by guests, left on comment cards at each table:

“We gave everything we had on our pockets, we love you! Truly.”
Many thanks – with love from the UK

“Please share with everyone you meet LOVE. It is so important for us to realize our STRENGTHS and focus on the POSITIVE aspects of LIFE. Let the people know they are PERFECT so that they may find a sense of SELF-WORTH. That is so necessary to our HEALING as a collective COMMUNITY. OM NAMAYA SHIVA.”

“To all the lovely volunteers at Seva Cafe, thank you so much for the delicious servings of love. See you next week.”
Love, Chris & Rachel

“Thank you!”
Love, the Rudea Yoga Center

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. I brought a group of fellow church members to share in the experience and complete the circle of giving. The food was delicious but even better was the shared experience with friends and strangers alike!”
Elizabeth K.


“Home is where: you’ve been away but everything is familiar. I consider Seva one of my homes as well as the people who serve. Thank you.”

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