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Notes from the Seva Cafe

Below are notes left behind at the Oct 26, 2008 and the Nov 2, 2008 Seva Cafe in Long Beach.

We came here and immediately felt the love of everyone in the room… so warm and full of smiles. It was my first time here and I will definitely return and I hope I will be able to give, because what you are doing is absolutely wonderful and one-of-a-kind. The food was amazing and like the food my mom once cooked when I was a wee one I can tell it was made by someone who loves with their whole heart…
So Thank You…
You are all amazing
… We Love You …

We Love Seva

Thank You

Thank you very much!!! this has been an inspiration and also really good tasting food!!!

Best Wishes! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much! The food wad delicious and I was able to feel the exchange of love. I hope to see you guys again soon.

Getting ready to have a nice dinner. With a menu with no prices. At the end of the meal, you put money in the envelope for the next guest. :)

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