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Awareness Monologues

What I love about Be the Cause is that these aren’t just service projects.
Of course I want to help other people, but ultimately I am the one who benefits the most.

We’re beginning to plan our Awareness Monologues where the format is similar to the Vagina Monologues but in this case our topic is domestic violence.
We just had our first meeting and when Supun read aloud the domestic violence checklist, in my head I was thinking check, check, check, check check check and check.

Immediately I said to myself don’t be dramatic. Every relationship is going to have problems. No one is perfect. I was never locked in a closet or beat with a golf club, unlike someone I know. It was never like that. Sometimes things happen, but I was never one of “those girls.”
I’m not trying to say I know better than them– its just that I would know, or I think I would know, if it was happening to me, right? I would know the difference, I hope.

When does a crappy relationship become domestic violence? A few of us will be going through a 40 hr domestic violence training course in preparation for this event. I know that whatever we learn will help us put on a really great, meaningful show, but more than anything else, this is for me. This will help ME define that line so that I have no doubt when it’s being crossed. For future reference.


  • melisa

    It’s not uncommon for victims to think the exact same things you expressed in your third paragraph. We are educated, we come from good families, have good jobs, we volunteer. We are victims of our own self-doubt and the societal belief that aggression and violence are acceptable ways of conflict resolution. I know that going through the training will be an incredibly powerful and transforming experience. At the very least it will make you a stronger advocate for yourself and others — women, men and children who suffer and are murdered in silence at the hands of someone they love.

  • Sonali

    And I want to do this for you. And for me. And for the rest of us who struggle to draw lines in a less-than-perfect world.

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