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December 11th, 2004 Saturday

Today we begin with an airy breakfast out near a flea market. Some of us venture out into the market for some quick browsing., Only to find, that we are going to need to sharpen our bargaining skills.

Sister Beverly meets up to have breakfast with us. She runs Camp Joy, an orphanage for boys. After a stop to buy mops and cleaning supplies, we head off to Camp Joy. Greeted by many happy young boys, we gather around a large table for our “intro” meeting. But the meeting is postponed! The boys start playing music on the table, as if it was a drum. They sing and play, and we try to keep up with them. They surprise us with the lyrics, not to mention the staggering talent pouring from them. Finally, we all calm down. After a tour, we begin. Teams break up to clean the kitchen, make do library, toilets, bedrooms, and the large hall that is extremly multi purposeful. The boys are all very eager to help. In all the hard work and play, we manage to create a slip and slide in the main hall. Large amounts of water everywhere. Once the laughter stops, we realize that we have to clean it all up!

The water is finally out, and clean up is over. After some refreshing water and juice, we say bye to the boys and pack up. Next we head to the beach to greet another group of street kids that Sister Beverly works with.

We meet the street kids, hear their stories. Some have AIDS, it is apparent by their body structure. The stories you hear make you stop and think. But the child is able to get up and go jump in the water with laughter. After some good indian food, we go for a swim in the tidal pool withthe kids. Then the drums come out, and dancing does not end till sunset. Noone wants to leave. Each child recieves a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a pair of clothes. The rest of the clothes are given to Sister Beverly to disperse. Our hearts sink, as all the kids leave to go “home”…. the street.

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