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Below are suggestions from the ‘New Concepts’ breakout session at the All Hands On Meeting. We’d like to open it up to you to discuss these ideas or to share a suggestion of your own. (Thanks Srikanth for the summary!)

Ann asked the question of how BTC can reach out to more of the mainstream society, not just socially conscious, eco-environmental friendly people, or service oriented individuals.

Vivek: Wants to host a “Human Greatness Night” where ordinary people share their success stories and inspire each other. He has already done it with other groups, wants to bring it to BTC.

Jesse: Katrina Concert in August, Peach 4 Kids involvement

Bill: shared story of family that came from Philippines and now living in Socal. He says kids/young teens don’t have a avenue to channel their energies or grow and adapt into their new social environment. E.g. WFH was one of the few events that allowed them to do that. Possible project is a Youth Mentorship Program between BTC and kids in O.C. area? Jesse was asked about a Peace 4 Kids chapter in O.C. that could serve this need?

Carolina: We should dialog with existing orgs. who are already doing similar outreach programs.

Bharti shared her experiences about CASA and working with youths. Laura said it would be nice to have some kind of BTC leadership development for youths so they can come into BTC, get mentored, and eventually lead some of our projects.

Dwight-Catholic Worker needs researchers to find out what other cities are doing on homelessness.

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