Be the Cause

Someone I Know…

So, the other day, someone I know wiped the food off a soiled beard. He was so startled by this act, that all he could convey were a few teardrops. All she did was apply a Kleenex to his face. How such a small encounter can have life-altering effects, she cannot articulate. She had been carrying that Kleenex around for a while now – who knew it would translate so much.

“Why are you so kind to me?” he asked

Someone I know says, “Whom else should I be kind to then?”

This simple moment in time launched an hour-long conversation, examining the perils of street-life, how interconnected we all are, and the disguises we use to conceal our inner-feelings from each other. She suddenly became acutely aware of her fancy deck shoes. Why did she pay so much for these in the first place?

He tugged at his newly cleaned beard, as if it were new. And then he reached within and gave her a gift.

“Tomorrow is my birthday.” He says with a quivering voice.

She just couldn’t gather the emotion welling up inside her system. With as much courage as she had at that moment, they both began to sing that song – the melody which has been sung a million different times, in countless homes, over a number of years. She had never sung it with such conviction. She thought, maybe she should carry a little candle around in her bag. You just never know.

More Tears. She could really use that Kleenex.

It’s just someone I know.


  • michele

    Thank you for reminding us, more specifically, for reminding me how beautiful life can be when we/I stop focusing on everything that can go wrong and instead just let kindness be our guide. Thank you.

  • Marcus

    I started to tear up to this article. It made me sad because I see the homeless and I try my best to help all the time, but it seems that the population keeps growing and I feel like I can’t do anything to stop it and this simple act made this man feel human all over again.

    Bless you and what you do

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