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December 10th, 2004 Saturday

After a “quick” attempt to have breakfast, we learn that service in SA is not like back home. Things are chilled, and taken at a good pace. :)

We went on a Township tour with a local guide. First we visit Guguletha, which means our pride. we stop to meet Rosie who runs the W.A.R.M.T.H. program. She feeds the people and kids of the township. Rosie started itjust on her own because she saw a need, and now it is a successful program that provides meals mostly for kids so that they can concentrate on the studies. She and her sisters wake up at 4 am to prepare the sandwiches. We play with the kids, and hand out a pair of clothes to the kids. Two suitcases with clothes, toys, and books are left for Rosie to disperse later.

The second township we visit is called Khayelitsha meaning new home. There we visit a bed and breakfast, Vicki’s B&B. This is a place where people can stay and experience the real township. It’s just Vicki’s home, unchanged to get the real experience. Another woman has a small sewing factory in her home. About 6 machines have been donated. She teaches the local kids to sew for free. Her work is supported with donations of money and supplies. Again, we have time to walk around the township. The kids are happy to play with us. There is even the local pub that we visit. We leave another two suitcases full of clothes with Vicki to disperse.

Then we are off to the waterfront, where we will catch our boat to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for 27 years. An ex-prisoner gives a tour, recalling moments of torture and hardship. Many of our brought to tears, unable to believe that humans are capable of such acts. But still he says, he forgives them and they all can live together as one.

We end the day with dinner at the local restaurant Ma Ma Africa. It is very ethnic. After the great food, one by one we are slowly drawn to the beat of the drums played by the band. To stand still is a challenge, the beat of the drums finds its way to the soul.

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