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I have always loved Change of Heart weekend, but this year, it felt so much more personal for me. Maybe because it seems that everyone of us came to the event with the desire to become better people ourselves instead of just looking for new volunteer opportunities or creating an awareness experience for other people, so that desire manifested itself into the honesty and humility that was undeniable, even at moments when we were joking around or making small talk. You all inspire me in different ways to be a more compassionate person and I’m very grateful to have you all in my life. Thank you all. Much love, Michele J


Dear Friends,

How can I ever thank you for this weekend. As always I come away from this feeling inspired, and deeply moved by the experience. I hold deep in my heart the kind words, the big hugs, the challenging presentations, the hunger banquet, the making of the hygiene kits, the journals, the sharing and mostly the silence that allowed me to look inside myself.

I loved watching each of you full of mindfulness go about this weekend. I treasured the quotes which made me more aware of the everyday reality of hunger, poverty, and homelessness. I loved the yoga, the meditation, the wrap up, Michele’s meal, and the honesty that existed.

When we went to First Congregational I was so aware of the way I view my brothers and sisters on the street. I know that I need to listen more, and to accept where some choose to be.

I am tired now but aware and present to this moment. Thank you for the opportunity you gave myself and Monica. You guys rock.

Namaste, Ann


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  • Cheryl

    From all these beautiful comments and photos I’m even more filled up with love and faith in humanity. I wish I could have participated the whole weekend, but just the few hours I was there broadened my understanding of homelessness. And just by-the-way, was such an interesting weekend for me because Sat. I spent learning more about homeless people and then Sun. I went to the Pet Expo and we spent most of our time learning about homeless animals. The friend I went with wants to adopt another dog (she has narrowed it down to three, and wishes her boyfriend would let her take all of them. Actually I want them all myself.) It was such a touching heartfelt weekend.

    So would like to share this, when I worked at Hughes (Culver City) back in the ’90’s, there was a homeless man, a Viet Nam veteran and his dog for most to see coming and going from work. Oh lots of people tried to help him, this was the building where the executives were and they gave him money and they gave him ideas for shelter, work and all, but he said no to this and no to that; and he didn’t accept much money either. However, he said, whatever you can do for my dog, I would greatly appreciate – one of his favorite things was big bags of dry food for his dog. Bless his heart. And so sad. So very sad for us, he did die and he did die on the streets. And an Hughes executive did take his dog into his home to give him shelter and good care and love. There is a lot more to this story, but too long. But just know, so many people cared a lot, and tried to help and just plan loved.

    Okay (so me and YouTube), I’d like to give a song to this blog…and love and blessings to all.
    The song: “Nature Boy” as sung by Nat King Cole.

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