Be the Cause

Operation Spread Love

Operation Spread Love: Day 1

All I can say is….simply amazing!

I am always taken back by every event that Be The Cause is a part of. This was no exception. To see people roll out of bed on their day of rest was so inspiring. Everything came to together perfectly. Volunteers were on time and ready and willing to do everything they needed to do to help others in need. We worked quickly and efficiently, and everything was right on schedule.

The most important and beautiful part was that every hungry person at Project Achieve was fed and happy. You guys should have seen their faces when we peeled the tin foil off of the eggs, sausages, and french toast, and the steam from the food rose up and filled everyone with anticipation for the feast to come. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life.

And I know next time will be just as magical.

Peace and hairgrease homi!
Dustin Halliwell

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