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Here we are in Lunugamvehera! We’ve been serving at a beautiful school for 2-5 year olds. Sonali’s aunt told us about this project. The teachers would like the kids to learn more English and the teachers would like to teach the kids more directions in the classroom.

Christine and Jason prepared fun games, songs for the students. At first, we weren’t sure if this would work with the students and teachers since it’s a Montessori School that we’re at and there’s already a set routine for classroom activities/learning.

The first day, we were pretty much the entertainment for the students. There was an agenda that we prepared…and we worked from there. This age of students is squirrely in any nation. I’ve substitute taught for students of these ages in the states…and yes, they have tons of energy! The difference I would say with these students…there seemed to be a higher need for assistance in some ways…with the English and with connecting with more adults. Since we’re in a rural village, there is a limited number of teachers, but everything is so well done! Some of us volunteers were laughing because of the high numbers they’re already working with…

I’m so impressed with how every btc volunteer is stepping up and taking on a role: whether it be leading a song, activity, outside game,etc. We’re having a lot of fun as well: being silly on the busses. Yesterday, we saw a beautiful, huge temple worship ground. Our interpreter for the teachers and students, Dinesh took us there. The teachers live very far from the school. They walk about an hour away every morning. Last night we were working/teaching them English until dark. They still wanted to walk home. It was too late for others to pick them up. We drove them home in our bus with our bus driver, Silva. It was interesting to see how far they lived and how much more rural it was…even compared to the school.

Just a note of observation: Big bugs here! Like two times bigger or more compared to what we see in U.S. We sleep in Mozzie (mosquito nets). Raj found a praying mantis the other day…and was carrying it around for kids to see today…they were intrigued, but I’m sure they see these bugs daily…this is such a natural environment…all creatures, vegetation embraced…

I’m feeling that peacefulness come over me when on a service vacation…lots of activities…but inner happiness emerging and this excitement to take in everything I see: the trees, the green, the people, the kids, the food…Sudi brought us back some water lilies to eat our food on the other day.

We go to Sigiriya soon…but Ella first…I think we get to sleep in Tree houses and there are waterfalls.

I think we will all miss the kids…and the sweet, smiling teachers, staff.


  • Cheryl

    Oh, what sweet, darling kids…and all you volunteers, you are the greatest!

    Safe journeys and take really good care,



  • ann nguyen

    It sounds like all of you were just meant to be at the preschool. I could just see Jason and Christine leading the kids. What joy to have you there, and what a great learning experience for all of you. I try to imagine in my head the beauty of the area, the mix of green, vegetation and smiling faces. How lucky those kids are to have the teachers they do. It really puts a different slant on education when you think of the effort the teachers make just to teach.
    I know there will be many stories when you return. I can’t wait to hear them.
    Do take care and be safe. Know that you are missed dearly and thought of each and every day.
    Much Love and Peace,
    A big Hug for all of Sri Lanka, and for all of you too.
    Happy New Year.

  • gianna

    Cheryl and Ann!
    Didn’t get to respond to your comments until now!! So sweet your messages. I will always remember this amazing journey!! U were with us in spirit!

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