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13 old Angad Singh is making the world a better place

I just learned about Angad Singh. He reminds me of Sukh!
Inspirational 13 year Old Angad Singh is truly making the world a better place through the short documentary “One Light”. In the film, Angad reaches out to his neighbors and community in suburban Atlanta Georgia to share himself as a Sikh and learn about them as well. The mission is to connect with them – drawing on similarities, and inspiring everyone to take baby steps in the direction of making this world a friendlier place by education, connection and inspiration.

Angad states that “After sharing our backgrounds and beliefs with each other we were thrilled to find that even though we were rooted in different parts of the world, practiced different religions, we had so much in common in terms of family and faith values, love for humanity, nature and animals”.

The idea is to celebrate what binds us together and not dwell into what divides us

His inspiration – Guru Nanak who traveled 25,000 miles on foot and reached out millions of people to impart the message of One God, One Humanity, thus the concept of One Light.

Angad states that he is taking baby steps in the direction of making this world a better place and asks do you plan to take a step to make this world a friendlier place ?” To learn more and watch his film visit

“One Light” will also be screened at The Spinning Wheel Film Festival (SWFF) in Hollywood, which celebrates the stories of Sikhs worldwide, and brings diverse interpretations of their culture, identity and history to the screen.

This year’s festival kicks off on Nov 17 at the Writers and Guild Theatre, Beverly Hills, California. For more information visit

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