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6:00 am Wake Up Call

Good Morning!!!!

Well, I think I am over my jet lag. I woke up this morning around 5:30 am and out of bed a little before 6:00 am. Same rountine I had in South Africa. I first layed in bed, contemplating whether I should go back to sleep. Then I thought, what am I going to do waking up so early? There were no wake up calls to be given, I did not need to check whether the “Inspection ” team needed any help setting up breakfast or the assembly line to make our lunch sandwiches. I didn’t even need to beat people to the bathroom, or check out budget status. What am I gonna do? haha… come to think of it, I kinda miss all that. I miss all the 16 people I use to wake up with, and all the “good mornings”. As stressful as it was for me at times, I miss those half awake groggy smiles.

So here I am, entering on the blog.. probably the closest I can get to South Africa right now. This trip has been an amazing experience in service. Not only did we perform service in South Africa, but also within the 17 of us. It wasn’t easy initally. Like family we had our tensions and annoyances. But after the first few days of adjustment, we became a happy family. By the end of our trip, there would be too many people in the kitchen cleaning up and usually a struggle between a few to do the dishes. If you needed something, one never had to think who they could ask.. as someone usually saw the need and would fill it before being asked.

I am extremely blessed to have traveled with 16 amazing people, and even though I am at home with my family, I still feel like I am missing my family.

Love Karuna


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    Karuna, we never could have done so many awesome service activities and other fun activities like the safari and all without you. Thx for all the time you put in and your patience!! Because of what you created, it was a given that we would all bond more and bring this to where we served. Thx again sister!

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