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Your compassionate energy is bursting from every seam!

I actually wrote this in my bedside journal on Saturday night after spending the day with the Be The Cause crowd. I felt so much positive energy with you all that I thought it worthwhile to share my thoughts with you. I only had the chance to mention a few people, but the truth is that the it was the grand sum of all your energy including many unmentioned conversations that got me so worked up and excited after meeting you. So my love extends to everyone that was a part of saturday. Cheers…..


Today I met and reacquainted myself with some really fantastic people. What a day; I’m not really sure where to begin so I think I’m just going to mention a few amazing points of the collaborated energy that I felt without any sense of endeavor to try to describe it all.

Let’s begin with Nimo. What a presence. His friendly eyes bring instant comfort and camaraderie as he expresses himself with a sense of spark. Nimo has been rapping for a decade now. From what I gathered, for him its an expression, a way to connect, and out of pure passion for his music. And tonight when I checked out his video clips on youtube, he’s a totally legitimate musician too. Actually, his whole band Karmacy is. Very cool. If you haven’t seen it yet check out his stuff:

And there’s Jamie. Originally introduced as “a walking hug”, and I can understand why, her energy is immediately striking. A sense of friendliness, a sense of compassion, a sense of love emanates from her every action. From the second I met her, I felt her burning energy. Within minutes I finally found a friend for a casual — oh… run in the pouring rain. Hahaha… Jamie you’re awesome. I think that one is going down in my books of moments of pure brilliance. Genius.

Sunny, what an inspiration. It’s funny coming face-to-face with the living embodiment of a particular virtuous expression I’ve been finding so central in what I wish to exude from myself. An expression I’ve been trying to realize and actualize myself, and boom there she is walking in front of me. Her mission, simple, unity. She is conjuring a platform where people from all cultures, all countries can hear one another, become directly aware of one another. A platform where such a diversity of people can directly see and share and realize that deep down we are all the same: Iranian and Palestinian, Pakistani and Indian, Peruvian, Chinese, German, Italian, Californian, Australian… everyone except for those weird people living in Florida. Just kidding, Floridians you’re cool too. In fact, I can feel Sunny’s passionate pursuit of extending awareness and consideration across national boundaries ring within my own soul. I think most importantly, to approach any semblance of world peace, it requires active and continual interaction between peoples across all borders. And here she is pursuing that very notion. We are just one giant family, and we need to feel it in order to see it. Sunny, cheers to you, and you have my nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Vivek’s energy was immediately compassionate in a considerate, broadly humanistic manner. No barriers up, he was immediately apt to connect. We spoke of spreading compassion to our most defenseless, dis-empowered, and abused of brethren — namely, those beings descended from non-human species (yes, that’s right, other animals). We spoke of rings, birthstones that vibe and the dreams they beckon. We spoke of the soul and how one’s being transcends the physical body, and, thus, one’s inner being is the true center of them-self. Vivek pointed out that is is unfortunate that we too easily forget our true selves in the midst of the noise of everyday business and life.

So many wonderful people. What a wonderful crowd. I could keep going on with stories about this revolutionary orchestra of compassionate, giving personalities. All whom dream of a kinder, more dispersively connected, more beautiful world.

Like Kristeen, who welcomed me as a guest of the community. She immediately offered the proverbial olive branch and wanted to link me with a couple vegan activists who work on reaching vegetarians alike through the web. Yes! Exactly the kind of people I need to meet right now.

I could go on with the many faces and gateways to giving I met for the first time and with whom was then immediately able to share and traverse the moment — these were just a few. Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.

But then there were the many souls I’ve already had the grand fortune to have met. Perhaps only once before, but it felt like being greeted by old friends today. Let me tell you, from my vantage point, Be the Cause encourages and fosters an incredible crowd. Each one with their own awesome flavor. Each one with an excitable sense of agape love.

Suhk, your genuine and deep nature along with the noble considerate gaze of yours could inspire an army, and your character would incite in it the greatest inner calm, sense of appreciation, and care for one another. I truly hope your move doesn’t bring you too much stress, but I get the sense that this community will happily lend a hand (and a house warming party :) ) with only a word of mention.

Madvi, when are we getting together for some serious, no holds bar, rock’n Karaoke? (everyone else totally invited too :D). Seriously, though, anyone who’s willing to sing “singing in the rain” in the rain is so near and dearly cool with me that you’d have to know me a lot better in order to really understand. High five.

Cindy you could bring a dead man back from the grave with the sheer volume of positive energy you enchant and the continual excitement you sow into the moment. Cheers to that!

Roju, with your head held high and your heart held out you definitely remind me of my brother.

Senali, I think I’m just barely beginning to understand the immensity of your selfless nature. When I heard you say “it was too much self indulgence” after leaving the masseuse table from a 10 minute rub, I wondered how you would feel after a more traditional full hour.

Wow, the humility and raw passionate, powerful compassion exhibited today within the entire group was something out of the wildest imagination. An imagination of grandeur love forthe world. An imagination that is the mind of these wonderful people summoned into existence by you all. I can barely touch on a quarter of the special individuals I met in this group today. Not out of lack of anything more to say, but, rather, just due to the unbelievable amount of notable persons. Through the smallest wink, laugh, smile, or word those of you who went to the Walk For Hope have probably been part the smooth turbulence of energy that has touched my soul today. For that, thank you so very much. There’s plenty more I have to say about many of the individuals unmentioned, but it will wait till next time.

Supun, you’re a man more humble than humility itself, less demanding and expecting of returned giving than a man with a truck load of flyers to hand out. My sincere gratitude goes out to you for the introduction.


  • I felt the same way after meeting these kinds of people. There were singular people that were multiplied by the bunch and each person amplified everyone else. The Walk for Hope is the flagship event that this movement uses to bring a bunch of cool people together. That’s why everybody says it’s a gift to and from everybody for ourselves.

    The good thing is that there’s always projects and activities that bring all these different kinds people riding on the same wavelength adding to all the good vibes.

  • sonalif

    I think the Walk For Hope allowed you to come face-to-face with Luke, himself. Although I haven’t the privilege of knowing you for long, I suspect you heart embodies so much of those qualities you mention. Your open-hearted spirit & ever-presence is what generates all this love around you, Luke. It is a benevolent gift we have received – a beautiful brother. Welcome to the family, Luke!

  • LukeNysen

    Yes, Sup, you’re exactly right. I can definitely feel the upbeat energy of these GOOD people, and I can see why it attracts people like us.

    Sonali, thank you. That last line put a smile on my face :)

  • Jamie

    “We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been–a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time: Community. Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, and voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Some place where we can be free…” -Starhawk

    Thank you, Luke, for helping to complete the circle, and Welcome Home:)

    much love and a BIG HUG!

  • gianna

    Jamie, love the quote u wrote above…absolutely true.

    Luke, talked to you a bit at seva after party and at first I didn’t recognize your name on the blog u wrote. I like what you wrote here:

    “Through the smallest wink, laugh, smile, or word those of you who went to the Walk For Hope have probably been part of the smooth turbulence of energy that has touched my soul today”.

    It is so amazing…these times btc peeps have had together…never quite the same, but something different than the daily realm we all live in…when a group of us get together we are trouble but in such a blessed way.

    Thank you and hope to see u at a service venture, adventure, or project…u also were part of the circle as Jamie mentioned…

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