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Yellow Squash & Zucchini

It’s hard to imagine that nearly every month, over 450,000 brothers & sisters face hunger in Orange County alone. I’m not sure how to stomach that tragic statistic, in an affluent area such as Orange County, no less.

But I do know that over 25 beautiful souls contributed to those who hunger, just yesterday, at the 7-acre, Incredible Edible Garden in Irvine. And that is a glorious statistic indeed!

They weeded, gleaned & harvested over 1,500 pounds of yellow squash & zucchini in a span of 2 hours. That amounts to 6,000 meals to: needy children, seniors on fixed incomes, single-parents, the working poor, the disabled, the temporarily unemployed, & the homeless.

Earlier in the week, someone asked: “But why an agricultural field for the hungry? I mean, there are food stamps, right?”

I think we can all deduce that food stamps offer a meager allowance. Many families purchase bare necessities & starch-filled foods to hastily curb their hunger, leaving very little room for adequate nutrition & healthy meals. As such, those who suffer for want of food, subsequently face health risks, such as: obesity, diabetes, anemia, & heart disease. This deteriorating quality of life is what the Second Harvest Food bank sought to counter, by developing a partnership with donor agricultural fields.

By channeling fruits & vegetables from local fields, (such as the Incredible Edible Garden) to a network of member charities, Second Harvest directly addresses the dietary deficiencies among these low-income families.

Sam Caruthers, the sweet, kind-hearted man who has worked for Second Harvest for over 12 years, offered us this – that nearly 65% of those who do go hungry are children & seniors. They also happen to be the most vulnerable to health problems. So, a portion of fresh produce & the consequent vitamins they contain helps maintain the health of those most susceptible to hunger.

Yellow squash & zucchini never looked so good.


  • Gianna


    Thank u soooo much for organizing this event! The day yesterday was so beautiful and rewarding…being outdoors and helping others in the process…wish I coulda had more time there. Hope we can all do this again! I probably can’t this Sunday cause of father’s day, but another time! Maybe I can join u, depending on what time if u go again this weekend.

    Thanks for bringing summer on in such a fruitful, incredible way!


  • Angela

    Thanks so much for putting on such a great event! We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t that hard at all. Just to know how much we all did together and how many mouths we are going to feed as a result of our efforts is so heart warming. I definately want to keep on helping in whatever way that I can and bring my friends along. =)

  • Lori

    I would love to Help others… please tell me if you have any positions open that pay… as I have children I am still raising..

    Thank You,
    Lori Stillwell

  • Paige Rhine

    Could someone please post the location of the Incredible Edible Garden? Thanks

  • Sonali Fiske

    Hello Paige,

    The Incredible Edible Garden is a project of the Second Harvest Food Bank. The operate two gardens; specifically, the one which we served at was located in Irvine. Their volunteer coordinator is Sharon Young.You may reach her at: (714) 771-1343. You can also find out more at:

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