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A love letter (to me from me!)-a gift from last year’s Walk for Hope…

A few weeks back…I was feeling stressed! I was trying to get everything together for a trip to see family…I had to pack for eight days and packing is always something I get frantic over…cause I always seem to pack too much (I’m such a girl!). Anyhoo…so here I am trying to get everything in order and organized, and feeling a bit overwhelmed and critical of my self…how I procrastinate, need to de-clutter, how I don’t seem to have enough time to do some things that fulfill my soul at times…how I seem to be constantly in motion…sometimes because I love being active and alive, and other times because it’s easier than facing some past disappointments, sadnesses, fears…all of that stuff that can feel immobilizing and difficult…no matter how much one has grown and resurfaced… I’d rather be in joy…but sometimes of course feelings need to be felt and dealt with…

Last Walk for Hope, there was an activity station with beautiful blankets…like a patchwork quilt and you could take some precious moments to write a love letter to yourself. I had written this kind of letter before…in various spiritual retreats, guided meditations…

This was different. Because the walk is such an inspirational event and I was on such a high already, the letter to myself really came from a very pure place. We were told that this letter to yourself would be mailed to you in six months. It’s no accident that I received this letter when I was kind of not present (in the here and now) and needing to slow down…

Dear Gianna,

I wish you light, love, sweetness, miraculous happenings always in your life. You have come so far and done so much and been a rare individual and have a loving spirit. What will the future bring? Who knows entirely? Things will go as they go….but “this I know for sure” (Is that an Oprah-ism?), with the help of your higher self, great spirit, your love for life and all peoples…all your life can be headed for is true significance and delight. I know some things have been hard and sometimes you worry about everyone (close to you and the whole state of the world). Not to worry. Things will go as they go, but love will always remain. Friendship, family will be there and the planet is somehow affected by the love and sweetness you bring. U are extraordinary! Dontcha ever forget it!



p.s. on the margin, I drew a rose…and by this paper rose, I wrote: Here’s a rose for your beautiful soul.

p.p.s. Thank you Be the Cause for making this a WFH activity station….where we could write a letter to ourselves…I had forgotten…just like how sometimes we all can get snared in day to day living and forget the tremendous gifts we are to ourselves and others we know and haven’t met quite yet…just know that you may be someone’s next life saving gift. You all have been this to me.


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  • Sonali

    Truly precious indeed.

    It is amazing that nearly a year since, so much depth, inspiration & splendor still radiates from the the Walk For Hope.

    Thanks for sharing your heart. You are extraordinary, Gianna!

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