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Letters for Women’s Shelter


I will have the oppurtunity to meet an organization in Istanbul that runs a women’s shelter. I wanted to take some letters by people from here when I went. Either email me some short letters or if it’s appropriate you may want to write it as a comment to this. I’ll print them out and take them with me when I visit.

I would like to recommend you put something about yourself and where you are writing from.



  • Sonali


    This is an incredibly thoughtful & caring gesture on your part. Thank you so much for being a messenger of hope & healing to these women.

  • gianna


    so wonderful that you decided to help out at a women’s shelter…I hope all was great, and please let us know about your trip soon!!! :)

  • Here are all the letters that I recieved in electronic formats. Sorry, I didn’t have time to type out the hand written letters.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take the letters myself. But, my friend Suzan in Istanbul will take the letters to the Mor Cati shelter.

    There’s lots of little thanks to go around for everyone that took time to write. I learned alot myself.

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