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Realised at right time…….

Somedays back I was working with a group for selling 5000 kites printed with peace messages. The idea was to spread peace messages through kites and create awarness in the society. It was really nice that I was involved that event for spreading peace. But on 13th January 2007, I was sitting on a terrace of Seva Cafe with one of my very sweet freind Heli and I realised that time – that the work I was doing during last so many days was good but the way was not good…now I had created danger for 5000 birds through this process and now I had realised my mistake – so I need to do something for those birds as much as I can. So on 14th January I went to volunteer for Animal Health Foundation for saving birds and even today (15th January) I will be there. Thank you God and my sweet freind Heli and others for supporting me and encourage me to come out from my mistake.


  • Sukh

    Nitesh, 16 of us were in India last year for Uttarayan (Kite Festival). It was a great day that brought together so many people for many different backgrounds… however, we could never forget that the real costs of what we experienced were paid by our feathery friends. At one point I recall it actually became difficult to hold that kite in my hands simply because of the thought of how many innocent lives were being lost. I guess we have to see everything in perspective, in every moment, as we exist, our mind tends to balance our actions between good and bad. In reality we never know how our actions could benefit or harm others.

    Thank you for the courage to step into a new understanding for yourself. … and thank you for showing your love to our feathered friends.

  • @ Sukh

    Thank god to open my eyes at right time not me!

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