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Seva Cafe – Ahmedabad,India – VIDEO

This Video is made by some students of NID – Ahmedabad,India
Check it - it’s awesome! Click below




  • Thanks for sharing that. It was really great to see some familiar faces. I’m really glad to see it is still going on. It must be encouraging to know that it’s continuing in California too.

    Tell everyone over there, I said “Namaste” :-)


  • Dr. yoram Hazan

    Dear people

    As a lover of India who has come all the way from Israel 6 times already to your amazing country, I was really excited to read and see stuff about you. I came to Ahmedabad for a very short stop on my way from nasik to Jaipur (besides my PhD in education, I am also a yoga person and an instructor, musician of Indian music, writer of Indian philosophy material… ). I fell in love with the place and stayed there for 10 days, all alone, wandering. After I got back, it didn’t take long for me to visit Ahmedabad again, this time with my wife (she still remembers the amazing Italian restaurant we ate at…).

    Ahmedabad is an incredible place with very nice people. I know that you have problems between Hindus and Muslims, but whereever there are people there is always the combination of heaven and hell. The heaven in you, though, is so much brighter, present and inspiring than in many other places in the world.

    India has given me so much, and if I could afford it, I would love to give some back, by volunteering. Unfortunately, I cannot return to India for the time being… but until next time, I would love anyone who is part of this amazing Seva project to write to me. We could explore ideas together, till we meet.

    This is my email:

    PS. In case anyone wonders – I am from Israel.

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