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Africa Compassion Cell!!

Yesterday, the kids at the orphanage sang for us. Their voices were so incredible I just cried. We had a christmas party at a small AIDS orphanage outside of Durban. The kids were mostly Zulu and were muchmore curious and suprised by our appearances. They love tattoos and brushing long hair (and arm hair in some cases!)

We also had a visit from Santa! You’ll have to see the pictures to believe it!

Today was good for us I think. We got to do some good ole manual labor. In just five hours we painted 3 rooms, weeded a a very large, very overgrown garden, and planted fence posts around the entire property. Nothing like a bunch of sweat to lift the spirit.

The people here are beautiful. The land is indescribably green and alive. It doesn’t make my heart sing like the mountains back home, I don’t know if it’s because I’m a visitor here. Maybe if I were here for longer I would become absorbed into the vibe, but it seems to be beautiful in a different way, a more deep, subtle, dark, moist, secret, way. Subliminal and sublime. The heat relaxes my muscles. I can turn my face into the occassional cool breeze. Lazy butterflies float by. Mango trees are everywhere. When I sleep the only thing that disturbs me is a chorus of frogs and crickets.

I haven’t seen the stars on this side of the world yet. Too many lights in Cape Town, too many clouds in Durban. I look forward to it.

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