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Houston: Christmas at the Salvation Army

I am blessed! By Aiswaria Koshi

BTC Volunteers at the Salvation ArmyThis has been my best Christmas ever!! When I initially signed up for this my intention was to give, but today more than I gave I received. I received tremendous amount of love, a true pure love that surpasses all understanding. Today has changed my life. And I will tell you why in just a second. As I was greeting them and talking to them, there were a couple of men and women I asked “how are you?” They were cold and shivering and definitely hungry, but their reply was “I am fine, I am blessed.” That really touched my heart… I understood how rich these people are… They are rich in their spirit. They are not poor because they have a great fortune in heaven every time they give God glory, inspite of their circumstances.

As I drove home this afternoon, I brought to mind all the many reasons for me to say “I am blessed” and it truly gave me a new dimension in my life. I feel very often we don’t realize how much we have… it’s never enough… and that’s why we go about complaining about every single thing. If only we knew how much we are blessed. I am also looking forward to the free hugs campaign… I have to admit when you first mentioned it to me; I thought the idea was pretty lame. But today as I hugged all the homeless people I understood how much my hug meant to them. It meant that no matter who you are and where you come from, you are worthy of my love…!!! Thank you once again for letting me be a part of Be the Cause. I know that many more great things are yet to happen. This is only the beginning..!!

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  • I feel so blessed to know that there’s a group of remarkable people in Houston we can connect with.

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